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NRA Sponsors
International Organisations
National Rifle Association of Ireland 

National Governing Body for F-Class, Target Rifle, Match Rifle, Blackpowder & Benchrest Shooting in Ireland.

National Shooting Centre Clays Complex 
The NCSC superb layouts, built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games are equipped with 72 Mattarelli traps and offer impressive facilities for clay shooters of all abilities. The facilities include computer controlled scoring, trap sequencing, acoustic release (on all layouts) and covered stands, all of this against the backdrop of over 3000 acres of unspoilt Surrey heathland.
Dominion of Canada Rifle Association - The Canadian Governing Body
Contains all necessary ICFRA information, including Officers and National Representatives, ICFRA Rules for TR and F-Class plus Match Conditions, and Minutes of Council and its Committees.
NRA of Australia 
Australian Governing body
South Australian Rifle Association 

We are the governing body for TR & F Class in South Australia. We are affiliated with the National Rifle Association of Australia and hold a Queens Prize shoot annually.

Any NRA members visiting Australia should feel free to join one of our member clubs for a shoot. Even better, I extend an invitation to NRA members to come and enjoy our hospitably at our annual Queens, which at the moment is held in early October. In 2015 we expect this to change to late April to early May.

South African Bisley Union  
South Africa Governing body
US National Rifle Association
The USA Palma Site  
Match Rifle Website 
National Firearms Association of Canada 
Canada's National Firearms Association works for Canadian firearm owners, in Ottawa, across Canada and internationally. We are Canada's executive member of the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities.
US NRA Whittington Center 
The NRA Whittington Center is where the Spirit of America Matches are hosted by the Bald Eagles Rifle Club every September.
UK National Organisations
Air Cadets 
Bedworth and District Air Rifle League 
Home Page for Bedworth and District Air Rifle League, Matches on Tuesday nights and start at around 8.00pm and usually finish before 11.00pm. The competitions are shot indoors at a range of 6 yards on standard bell targets (3/8" dia bull) with occasional matches shot on 6 yard paper targets for individual cup competitions. The air rifles are 0.177" (4.5mm) Calibre. (No Field target Rifles allowed under League Rules) League Meetings are on 1st Wednesday of the month at the League Headquarters IMPORTANT: All persons taking part in the "Bedworth & District Air Rifle League" do so entirely at their own risk.
Bisley Field Targets Organisation 
The Bisley Field Target Organisation Air Rifle & Pistol Club (BFTO AR & PC) website has been set up for providing information for potential new members as well as existing members. The Club provides a safe and attractive open air environment where both paper and metal silhouette targets can be shot.
British Shooting Sports Council 
British Schools Small-Bore Rifle Association 
The BSSRA offers Small-Bore Rifle Competitions for both School and Veterans Teams
Campaign for Shooting 
The campaign for shooting is part of the Countryside Alliance.
Civil Service Sports Council Target Shooting Association 
The National body representing Civil Servants and former Civil Servants envolved in all Shooting Sports across the country.
Clay Pigeon Shooting Association 
Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting 
CCRS acts as a central body, which can speak with authority and give advice on cadet shooting matters. Its responsibilities, exercised with the approval of the Ministry of Defence, include liaison between other representative shooting authorities and units of the pre-Service cadet organisations and the dissemination of information on shooting matters effecting cadets. In addition to arranging and administering shooting competitions, postal matches, coaching courses and other shooting events for cadets at schools and units in the Commonwealth, CCRS also provides administrative support for cadet teams selected to represent Great Britain in National and International matches, both at home and overseas.
Countryside Alliance 
Disabled Shooting Project 
Target shooting is the most accessible and inclusive of all mainstream sports - this is the Disabled Shooting Project's key message. Our role is to help as many people as possible to enjoy this great sport, either by helping them into it, or by helping them to stay in it.
English XX Club 
Nationwide Club catering for large calibre rifles at long range, using MOD Ranges in the UK.
Firearms UK 

Welcome to Firearms UK

Firearms UK is an online campaign aiming to protect gun ownership in the UK and to encourage unity and positive action within the shooting community.

GB 300m Shooting website 
Great Britain Under 25 (Target Rifle) 
Great Britain Under 25 website. Contains information on tours, past matches, previous Captains as well as upcoming events.
Guernsey Rifle Club 
HARC Miniature League 
The Historic Arms Resource Centre
Herts and Essex Shooting Association 
Herts & Essex Shooting Association website. Full deatils of the club and contact forms.
Jersey Rifle Association 
Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain 
The MLAGB was formed in 1952 and is the Governing Body for muzzle loading within the UK. Its objectives are to encourage an interest in muzzle loading firearms; to promote, regulate and safeguard their use; and to preserve their freedom of collection.
National Rifle Club of Scotland 
The National Rifle Club of Scotland was founded in 1872 for the encouragement and development of scientific long range rifle shooting. The Club represents Scotland in long range Match Rifle shooting, in particular for the Elcho Match which is shot at Bisley at 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards. The home range in Scotland is at Blair Atholl which has firing points going back to 1233 yards.
National Small-bore Rifle Association 
Northern Ireland Practical Shooting Confederation 

NIPSC is the Regional Directorate for IPSC shooting in Northern Ireland and is one of 94 regions that span the globe as part of the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

NIPSC is recognised by the Northern Ireland Government, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Ministry of Defence as the governing body for the sport of IPSC Shooting in Northern Ireland. IPSC competition differs from most other forms of target shooting in that a variety of target types are used. These include paper and steel, stationary and moving, scoring and penalty targets. There is no fixed way in which these targets must be arranged. A competition organiser creates a number of courses of fire or ?stages? each using different numbers and arrangements of targets, to create a shooting challenge that the competitor has to solve as accurately and as rapidly as possible.

Scottish Rifle Association 
Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association 
The Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association is the Scottish governing body for the Olympic and Commonwealth sports of smallbore and air rifle target shooting. There are three disciplines within that remit - Smallbore Prone Rifle, Smallbore 3-Positions Rifle and Air Rifle - each held separately for men and women at international level.
Skeet shooters aims: are to bring together in one portal ...all the best of whats been written already, together with news, views and general information about skeet shooting. We hope the site will be of interest to the new shooter, the shooter new to skeet as well as those of you who are already hooked on one of the most exciting of the clay shooting disciplines.
The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) 
BASC is a professional organisation representing members from every branch of shooting. We care passionately about our sport. The shooting men and women of the past have handed down a legacy which we are determined to pass on, in turn, to those who will come after us.
The Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association 
The Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association was founded in 1973 to encourage the preservation of breechloading firearms and to foster study of all the aspects from the aesthetics of the sporting gunmaker and engraver's art to the functional equipment of the soldier or target shooter. Arms have always played a central role, not just in military and social history, but in technological an industrial development, art and culture. Great Britain has been in the forefront of the development of the modern firearm. Since its inception, the H.B.S.A. has taken a leading role in ensuring that the nation?s heritage of arms and the interests of its collectors are protected under the law, and has been successful in its aims at both national and European levels. It also provides an unparalleled source of information for those involved in the legislative process, and holds symposia at national and international levels. The Association has been organised on a national and regional basis. It is a member of F.E.S.A.C., the Federation of European Societies of Arms Collectors. It is also a Home Office Approved Rifle Club. Membership is by election, and it offers two classes of full membership, which require active participation, corresponding membership for supporters at home or overseas, institutional membership and club affiliation. Details about membership or branches may be obtained from: BCM HBSA, The Hon Secretary, LONDON, WC1N 3XX
United Kingdom Benchrest Association 
The United Kingdom Benchrest Association was established in 1993 to promote American-style benchrest shooting in the UK. We shoot benchrest at 100, 300 and 1000 yards using the facilities at Diggle Ranges in the north west.
Vintage Arms Association 
A vintage firearm is any smallarm which was in production or experimental before the end of the year 1945 AD, or any design variation of such a smallarm in which no improvement in accuracy has been effected by the design change. Accurate reproductions of an original are acceptable.

The Objects of the Association are to foster an interest in vintage firearms and support the possession and use of vintage and modern firearms whether for competition or practice in accordance with Home Office conditions and approval by encouraging; a) the attainment of skill in the use of such weapons so that members will be better able to serve their country in time of peril, by providing facilities for range practice and organising suitable competitions, b) the preservation and collecting of such weapons by members, and c) an exchange of information on the construction, history and use of various weapons through the periodical newsletter or Journal.
Welsh Rifle Association 
The Welsh Rifle Association are the governing body for fullbore shooting in Wales
2016 GB Rifle Team to the Channel Islands 

The NRA Team that has annually visited and competed against the Channel Islands has a history going back to 1935.
It is a short tour which has the setting of arguably the most beautiful ranges in the world. It will include both individual shooting as well as matches against Guernsey and Jersey.

The Team is captained by Rick Shouler

GB Match Rifle Team 
The Great Britain Match Rifle Team tour to Australia.
GB Palma Team 
The Great Britain Palma Long Range World Championship Team website.
Great Britain Rifle Teams 
Link to the Great Britain Rifle Team Website. Includes links to past tours and news of upcoming teams.
County Organisations
County of Lancaster Rifle Association 
To provide information on full-bore shooting activities in the County of Lancaster for affiliated clubs, members and interested parties.
Cumbria & Northumbria Target Shooting Association 
The CNTSA is the small-bore County Association in the very North of England. We run Open Shoots and Postal Leagues in which all are welcome to participate.
Doveridge Clay Sports  
Doveridge Clay Sports is a premium shooting facility based between Stoke and Derby. It has played host to prestigious shooting events including Championships for England, Britain and even the World. With their own shotgun academy, the grounds is ideal for honing skills and taking part in club and tournament shooting.
Hampshire Rifle Association 
Hampshire Rifle Association (HRA) is a Home Office approved organisation (number FMS 03 24/25/1/5), which is affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA). HRA controls fullbore target rifle shooting for the county of Hampshire. HRA enters teams in inter-county events and runs a full programme of friendly matches.
Hampshire Smallbore Rifle & Pistol Association 
Formed and exists as a voluntary organisation to promote and support the sport of Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Shooting within the County of Hampshire, Isle of Wight, the Bailiwick of Guernsey and affiliated Clubs from surrounding Counties.
Herefordshire Breech Loading Rifle Association 
Hertfordshire Rifle Association 
London & Middlesex RA  
Middlesex Small-Bore RA 
Norfolk County Rifle Association 
Umbrella organisation for target shooting clubs in the county of Norfolk.
Northants, Leicestershire & Rutland 
Northants and local counties website. Offers information on upcoming events and news as well as past scores and results.
Nottinghamshire Rifle Association 
The Nottinghamhshire Rifle Association was established in 1861 to promote excellence in target shooting in the County and City of Nottingham. We cover small bore, full bore and black powder disciplines and are affiliated to the NSRA, NRA and MLAGB. We are a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.
Staffordshire Smallbore Rifle Association 
Suffolk County Rifle Association 
Surrey Venture Scouts Rifle Club 
Ulster Rifle Association 
Wiltshire County Shooting Association 
Wiltshire County Shooting Association represents and supports its members and affiliated clubs, selects and manages county teams, and provides competitions for shooters within the County. It is affiliated to its national governing bodies and is administered by a committee of elected officers.
Yorkshire Rifle Association 
NRA Affiliated Clubs
1066 Rifle and Pistol Club 
The 1066 Rifle and Pistol Club is situated in Hastings, East Sussex and is Home Office approved for all legal classes of firearm. We have our own indoor range and shoot monthly at Bisley and the military ranges at Hythe and Lydd. See our website for further information.
10th Btn Suffolk Home Guard Rifle & Pistol Club 
We are situated along the suffolk / essex border, The club caters for Air guns, Gallery Rifle up to .455" and Muzzle loaders of a larger diameter at the Committee's discretion. There are 2 X 25m ranges, 1 X 50m range and a 10m air gun range
3rd Volunteer Battalion Warwicks Rifle and Pistol Club (Birmingham) 
The 3rd Volunteer Battalion (VB) Warwicks Rifle and Pistol Club is one of the oldest West Midlands regions private gun clubs founded in 1920 and situated in the centre of Birmingham.
49th Rifle and Pistol Club (Birmingham) 
Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club 
We are an active multi-disciplinary club located on the north-east coast of Scotland. We have a large clubhouse providing a range of facilities inc toilets. Our home range has 2 outdoor ranges which can be used concurrently. The 50m range has 10 firing points of electronic turning targets and the 100m range has an 8 point covered firing point providing shelter on windy days. The 100m range may also be used for fullbore shooting in certain circumstances. We offer a wide range of competitions and encourage members to try other disciplines. The only discipline that cannot be supported in shotgun. We are a friendly club and welcome visitors from other clubs.
Aberystwyth Rifle and Pistol Club 
Aberystwyth Rifle & Pistol Club is a small club based near to the picturesque seaside town of Aberystwyth in Ceredigion (Dyfed) Mid Wales, we are a small but dedicated club with a 25m gallery range facility with covered firing positions and a clubhouse. Licensed for full bore, gallery firearms and muzzle loading firearms, we also have dedicated air rifles and pistol range.
Aldershot Rifle and Pistol Cub 
Aldingbourne & District Target Shooting Club 
The club shoots air rifle, air pistol, .22 prone, 3 Position and Light Weight Sport Rifle. We have own own indoor ranges and have just formed a section shooting full-bore at Bisley. Our club members come from Bognor Regis and surrounding areas including Littlehampton, Barnham, Worthing and Arundel. New members of all ages are always welcome.
Altcar Rifle Club 
ALTCAR RIFLE CLUB, established in 1863, shoots at Altcar Rifle Range,Formby, Nr Liverpool by kind permission of the North West of England and Isle of Man Reserve Forces and Cadet Association. Club Shoots take place on Sundays throughout the year, on Saturdays between March and October, and on Thursday evenings between May and July. The Club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association and the County of Lancaster Rifle Association.
Artists Rifle Club 
Home page of the Artists' Rifle Club, with shoot programme, application forms and contact details. We retain no connection with the Artists' Rifle Clubhouse - please see Mars and Minerva Rifle Club.
Balornock Rifle Club (Scotland) 
Balornock Rifle Club is an excellent Scottish club which allows you to shoot Center/Rim-fire Rifles, Long Barrel pistols, Muzzle loading Pistols and Rifles in most calibers.
Full instruction on firearms usage/safety is supplied free of charge to applicants who are accepted.
Barbican Armoury gun club 
A small private well run club with its own indoor range and the use of Otterburn military ranges. Excellent facilities, club sitting room with open fire, kitchen and bathroom. The Barbican Armoury is a designated 7(3) Historic firearm site. Telephone 0191 3782880 Thursday to Saturday
Basildon Rifle and Pistol Club 
A Home Office approved multi-discipline target shooting club in Basildon Essex
Bassingbourn Rifle & Pistol Club 
Bearsted and Thurnham rifle Club 
Website for the Bearsted and Thurnham Rifle Club. Based near Maidstone, Kent.
Bedfordshire County Rifle & Pistol Club 
One of the premier multi-discipline shooting clubs in the UK. With a dedicated membership of over 200 people comprising of all ages and sexes, and both indoor and outdoor ranges at a variety of distances, the Association offers keen shooting men, women and children the perfect facilities to pursue the sport.
Bishops Stortford Rifle Club 
Bishops Stortford (1944) Rifle Club on the Hertfordshire, Essex borders.
Blackburn Rifle and Pistol 
Bolton NRP Shooting Club 
Bolton based Shooting Club
Brielse Shooting Vereniging De Geuzen 
Bristol Muzzle and breech loading gun club 
British Airways Clubs Rifle & Pistol section 

We are part of BA Clubs and are based at the Concorde Club in Cranford near Heathrow Airport. Membership of the Rifle & Pistol section is open to both BA employees and non-BA employees on a family or associate basis.

Membership of British Airways Clubs is a requirement, following successful application for Rifle & Pistol section membership.

Please see the weblink for more details.

British Benchrest Club 
The British Benchrest Club shoot fullbore Benchrest competitions every month from the Bisley Short Siberia Range. New memebers are always welcome
British Sporting Rifle Club 
Brunel University Target Shooting Club 

We shoot .22 smallbore, 7.62 target rifle at Bisley and we do some clay shooting. We also have some dedicated Service rifle shots.

Our aim is to get more young people recruited into shooting sports and we are open to members of Brunel University past and present.

Burnham Rifle Club 
The Range

Burnham on sea rifle club is equip for 10, 25 or 50 yard Approved Range for .22 Rim fire cartridge and air rifle. Consisting of 5 firing points for rifle (prone or three positional disciplines)
Free instruction and coaching is available from Club members with years of experience - for the beginner through to the standard shooter.

You will receive training in safety, equipment and shooting technique. After a certain level of competence has been proven, novices are allowed to shoot under the normal supervision of the Range Officer and also attend the Monday sessions.
We have all the kit new members need to try out shooting ? in fact some people carry on using the club equipment, though there is a huge benefit in people getting their own kit if they take to the sport


The Clubhouse is a Non-smoking area with toilet and kitchen facilities and provides access to the indoor range.

Looking to Join

New Starters must register to arrange and attend a safety talk plus introductory training session.
These sessions are held by appointment, on the 1st Thursday of each month.
To register your interest Click Here

At certain times a waiting list may be in operation to enable the ratio of shooters to instructors to be controlled.

Bury St Edmunds Pistol Club 
Bury & District Muzzle Loaders 
We are a rifle and muzzle loading club primarily serving Greater Manchester, South Lancashire and North Cheshire. Our home range is a 100 yard outdoor facility. We also have access to two indoor 25 yard facilities and a military 300 yard range.
Bushop Auckland Gun Club 
Based in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. We shoot smallbore rifle, gallery rifle and muzzle loading pistols at our own 50m range in Bishop Auckland.
Cambridge University Rifle Association 
Carlisle Small Arms Club 

Our new website address containing information relating to club activities and contact details.
We are a multi discipline target shooting club affiliated to - NRA, NSRA, MLAGB & CPSA. Any inquiries regarding club membership are welcome.

Carshalton Rifle Club 
We are one of the leading shooting clubs in London with a wide range of activities and shooting disciplines available to our club members. Our club house and indoor range is open all year round and it is possible to shoot six days a week. There is a style of shooting to appeal to just about everyone, ranging from air pistols through to smallbore and fullbore targets. We also offer a clay pigeon option with one of our partners at a shooting ground near Gatwick.
Caterham And District Rifle Club 
The club shoots Light Sport Rifle, .22 Prone, Air Pistol and Air Rifle on our own indoor ranges open 7 days a week and a very active full-bore section at Bisley shooting 100-1200 yards at least once a month.
Cawdor Rifle and Gun Club 
We are an active and growing club situated in North East Scotland. The Club's facilities consist of a 600 yard Full Bore rifle range and a 50m pistol range. The membership is diverse, ranging from target rifle shooters through FTR, Classics, muzzle loaders to gallery rifle and 22 rifle shots. The Club has a full programme, meeting on Tuesday evenings during the Summer and every second Sunday throughout the year.
Chelmsford (1944) Rifle Club 
A Home Office approved gun Club based in Chelmsford, Essex. The Club has its own dedicated and purpose built range which is open to members five evenings a week. The Club caters for people interested in the discipline and fun of the sport of Target Shooting. Welcomes beginners as well as experienced shooters. Members are expected to participate and assist in the activities of the Club.
Chepstow Rifle Club 
We are located in Chepstow, South Wales, and are the second oldest shooting club in the UK.
Cheshunt Rifle & Pistol Club 
We are a Home Office Approved club situated five minutes off the M25 at junction 25 on the A10 going north. We shoot: Air pistol and air rifle - Air field target - .22 prone rifle, 3 Position and Light Weight Sport Rifle - Carbine/underlever rifle - Muzzle loading pistol - shotgun falling plate. The club has a number of indoor and outdoor ranges. See website for more details.
Chichester Rifle Club 
Chichester Rifle Club shoots fullbore at Bisley and .22 on its indoor 25yds range in Chichester.
Chinnor Rifle and Pistol Club (Oxfordshire) 
Website of the Chinnor Rifle and Pistol Club in the Chiltern Hills area of Oxfordshire. Explains the full facilities of the club, make up of the membership, disciplines and firearms shot there and a brief explanation of the firearms used at this year-round indoor 25-yard range. All ages and abilities welcomed. Club-owned firearms on site available for members' use, from air pistols and rifles to .22RF target rifles and sporting rifles. Member-owned gallery rifles and black powder pistols may also be shot there. Includes other useful links, including an often discounted and affordable web hosting site as used by the CRPC. For more information about the club, please contact Club Secretary Patrick Twomey (eves.) on 01844-351347 or email
Chobham and District Rifle Club 
Based in Chobham, Surrey - within ten minutes of Junction 3 the M3. The club shoots air rifle, air pistol, .22 prone, 3 Position and Light Weight Sport Rifle. The club has 20 yard and 25 yard indoor ranges and 50 yard and 50 metre outdoor ranges. In addition, the club has an active section shooting full-bore at various venues.
Christchurch Gun Club, Dorset 
Chudleigh and Ashburton Rifle Club 
The Chudleigh and Ashburton Rifle Club has been formed by Officers at Chudleigh and Ashburton Police Stations to promote competition Rifle Shooting within the force. At the present time the club is open to police officers, police staff and dependents
City of Newcastle Rifle Club 
Fullbore and smallbore sections, regular club shoots at Ponteland range near Newcastle, and Northumberland County open meetings in spring and autumn.
City Rifle Club 
The City Rifle Club
Claymore Rifle Pistol & Gun Club 
We are an approved multi-discipline club based in the Glasgow area, we hold shoots throughout the year at various venues in the west of Scotland.
Clyde Valley Pistol Club 

The Clyde Valley Pistol Club was formed at Campbell Street, Hamilton in 1963 and we have been at our current location since 1980.
We have the best indoor range facility in West Central Scotland, wholly owned by the club.

We have a healthy roster of members from all over Lanarkshire and beyond and are located only 30 minutes South East of Glasgow.
The Club has Home Office approval for small-bore rifle, centre fire gallery rifle* and muzzle loading pistol target shooting in the indoor range.
Members also use air rifles, air pistols, CO2 pistols, airsoft and archery equipment. We regularly shoot full-bore rifle at 100-600 yards on outdoor ranges across Scotland.

A full safety briefing will be given on your first visit (by Appointment Only) and friendly tuition and advice is always available thereafter.
*(Limited to traditional pistol calibres such as .38 Special, .44 Special, .45 Long Colt etc. and subject to range energy and velocity limits.)

Consett Historic Rifle Club 
Consett Historic Rifle Club was formed by members from all over the North of England, to help promote collecting and shooting of historic rifles on both indoor and outdoor ranges, for fun and in competition. Smallbore and pistol calibre indoor target practice and competitions are held throughout the year, at individual, club team, and county levels. Semi automatic, bolt action and pump action .22 rifles, with telescopic or iron sights, can be used in the competitions, as well as pistol calibre .357 .44 and .45 lever action rifles. Many of the rifles we shoot indoors, are reproductions of the old historic Winchester cowboy repeating rifles or rolling block rifles, used to shoot Buffalo on the great plains of America many years ago. If your interest lies in fullbore military historic rifles, we can give you all the necessary training laid down by the home office, in order to apply for your firearms certificate, to own and shoot your own rifles. If you already have your firearms certificate and want to shoot on military ranges, we will instruct you towards gaining your NRA/MOD shooting competency certificate. The club has fullbore outdoor shoots on the third Sunday of each month, from February to November inclusive, with the Historic Rifle Competetion held in August of each year. The meetings are held at Battle Hill Ranges near Barnard Castle and various ranges within the Catterick Complex at Wathgill. A wide variety of rifles are shot ranging from Russian sniper rifles to British and Swiss rifles from the time of the first and second world war and even earlier. Indoor shooting takes place every Thursday Evening (except the Christmas period) between 7.00pm and 9.00pm at the Louisia Sports Centre - Stanley.
Cornwall Full Bore Pistol Club 

Although the name of our Club might suggest otherwise, our members regularly shoot rifles as well as various types of pistol. A diverse range of both small and large calibre firearms including historical and modern rifles and pistols can be used on our ranges in Cornwall.
The main disciplines covered by the Club are Full and Small Bore Gallery Rifle, Black Powder Rifle and Pistol, Long Range Rifle and Pistol, Classic and Antique Firearms and Bench Rest.

For more information click here to email us.

Croydon Rifle & Pistol Club 

Croydon Rifle & Pistol Club is situated in Jessops Way on the Croydon & Mitcham borders in south London, Surrey.

Croydon club is cleared to shoot .22LR smallbore rifles up to 100 yards and on our 25 metre gallery rifle and black powder range, various calibres up to .455.

The 20, 25, 50, 100 yard and the two 25 metre ranges have all-weather capability and the two indoor air weapon 10 metre ranges and the 25 yard smallbore range is heated. So our one club has most of the facilities for shooting competitions that you would ever need, all in one place, with no range fees.

We have regular visits throughout the year to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley for fullbore rifle shooting from 200 to 1,000 yards and also shoot gallery and sporting rifle there at 200 yards for pistol calibre rifles.

Please arrange with our Membership Secretary before turning up at the club just so that we can make sure someone will be there to show you around.

Would all prospective members please note that modern handguns have been banned since 1997 and cannot be shot in the UK and would all interested parties please read the FAQ page before emailing or ringing us.

Cumberland News Rifle Club 
Premier target shooting club in the north west. 10m Air Pistol/Rifle, Sport Rifle, Prone target shooting, Benchrest, Standard/Sport pistol, free pistol, and full bore shooting. Catering for Beginners, Club shooters, County Shooters, Country representatives and GB shooters.
Deal & District Rifle Club 
The home of Deal & District ifle Club.
Derby Rifle & Pistol Club 1999 
We have our very own complex near Twyford, south of Derby in the East Midlands. An excellent facility with 25m, 50m and 185yd ranges, Clubroom with lounge, kitchen and toilets. Members mainly shoot Ruger 10/22, Gallery rifles, sporting and match C-F rifles, and enjoy travelling to Open events to compete. Please have a look around our website and if you like what you see feel free to contact us.
Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club 
Dorchester Rifle and Pistol Club est 1906. Small bore, black powder pistols and air weapons.
Duchy Shooting Association Cornwall 
Duchy Shooting is a friendly target shooting club which caters for varied disciplines of shooting we have a 100m live fire range where shooters can use rimfire, centrefire & muzzle loading rifles from a covered firing point.

We also cater for the airgun shooter with a dedicated 40 target field target course & covered firing point on the zero/plinking range.

Air pistol shooters have an indoor range & an outdoor iron plate action shooting range.

The clubhouse has tea & coffee available.

Shooters of all abilities are welcome as club members are always happy to help with advice.

Dudley Rifle Club 
A friendly and informative website for the West Midlands based Dudley Rifle Club. Information on the various disciplines available to members, and a wide selection of club photographs and information of the history of the rifle club at the click of a button!
Dunmow & District Rifle & Pistol Club 

Est.1942 and Based in Great Dunmow, Essex.

.22 prone Rifle Shooting takes place indoors on Wednesday evenings, F-Class Target Rifle Shooting is held monthly at the NSC Bisley as well as outdoor Gallery Rifle at Andrewsfield.

East Barnet Shooting Club 
East Bristol Rifle and Pistol Club 
The official website of East Bristol Rifle And Pistol Club, a friendly club, situated on the South Gloucestershire and Bristol borders in Hanham,Bristol.
East Grinstead Target Shooting Club 
East Midlands Regional Range 

Home office approved club, shooting across many disciplines and delivering training to NGB standards, with qualified instructors.

We shoot on Wednesday evenings from 19.00 in Nottingham.

For further information please contact or call 0844 567 2893

Edinburgh University Rifle Club 
Epping Forest Pistol Club 
Epping Forest Pistol Club.
Epsom Rifle Club 
For 25 yard prone smallbore shooting in Epsom.
ETL Field Target Club 
East Tilbury and Linford Field Target Club.

Airgun and Field Target Club based near Tilbury in Essex.

We are an airgun club located in the small village of Linford in Essex.
Situated just a few minutes from the A13, we are a short drive from almost anywhere in South Essex, East London and even Kent.
Whether you are interested in competing in field target competitions or just looking for somewhere to do some quiet plinking in a safe and friendly environment this is the club for you.

F4i- Practical Shooting without the nonsense 

The fastest growing Practical shooting club in the UK which supports the largest Shotgun League and the only Multi-Gun championship in the UK.

Regular events at Bisley and all over the UK and excellent insurance cover for all your shooting needs.

Ferndown Gun Club 
Ferndown Gun Club has one of the most active memberships of any target shooting club in South West of England. Our club continues to produce many of the area's top competitive shooters over a wide range of disciplines. As part of our involvement in the local community we share our facilities and provide social and responsibility training to a wide range of bodies with a special emphasis on voluntary organizations such as the Scouts and Cadets.
Fifty Calibre Shooters Association (UK) 
The Fifty Calibre Shooters Association UK, competitive long range, large calibre shooters with regular competition bookings on many Field Firing Areas across the UK, all calibres welcome.
Frome District Pistol Club 
Fulwood Shooting Club (Liverpool) 
Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society 
A club dedicated to the preservation and use of black powder firearms.
Galloway Small Arms Club 

South West Scotland - 9 miles west of Dumfries, just 1.5 miles off A75.

Gallery rifles, small bore rifles, long barrel pistols/revolvers, benchrest (UKBRA), practical & target shotgun (UKPSA) & muzzle-loading pistols/rifles - Outdoor 25m, covered firing point, 6 Lane. Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings during summer months.

Full bore (limited to 30/7.62 calibre) 1000 yard range. Covered firing point - 4 benches. Available one Sunday every month.


GB 300m Rifle Club - Bisley 
Articles about 300m. Competitions and results for past 3 years. Lots of links.
Grange Rifle and Pistol Club 
Wirral shooting club
Grove Small Arms club 
The website of Grove Small Arms Club in Norfolk. We shoot in all disciplines from black powder pistol to full-bore rifle at 1200 yards and everything in between. We welcome newcomers and hold regular guest days.
Ham and Petersham Rifle and Pistol Club 
Harlow Practical Club Essex 

Shooting ranges at Hullbridge, Rayleigh & Dunton, Brentwood, within 15 mins of M25 J28-29 (A127)

Join us to shoot Practical Mini Rifle, Practical Shotgun (PSG) and Practical Pistol & Revolver (LBF - Long Barrelled Firearms)

The IPSC shooting discipline our speciality, however, we also cater for Full Bore Target Shooting.

Gun safety is our priority and we have dedicated instructors and range officers to welcome those wishing to learn to shoot and, of course, experienced shooters are most welcome too. Shooting without nonsense does not have to mean shooting without sense; safety is of utmost importance if we are to keep our sport and our guns from joining the 'banned in the UK' list.

Please visit our web site for the latest information and to learn more about us.

HPC - THE premier Practical Shooting Club in Essex.
Home Office approved - NRA affiliated.

Harlow Town Rifle & Pistol Club 
Air Pistol, Smallbore and Practical Shotgun in Harlow, Essex
Hartlepool Rifle Club 

Small bore indoor rifle and pistol range.
All instructors are CRB checked.

Disciplines are Air Rifle/pistol, live fire .22, .38 rifle - range is Home Office Approved to .45 calibre.

Black Powder is also catered for.

We encourage Junior membership and we are an outlet for Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme.

Havant Rifle & Pistol Club  
Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club 
Pembrokeshire's finest shooting ground
Hemswell Shooting Club 
Hemswell Shooting Club is located in Hemswell Business Park at Hemswell Cliff in Lincolnshire. Full bore, small bore, muzzle loading and air rifle shooting for pleasure or competition. New members welcome. For more information please visit our site.
Hendon Rifle Club 
Located in west London near Brent Cross shopping centre. Mainly smallbore shooting, prone and standing gallery rifles
High Wycombe & District Rifle & Pistol Club 
Highpower Rifle Association 
Huddersfield Rifle Club 
Ibis Rifle Club 
Ibis is a small, friendly club that has had a presence on Bisley Common since 1907. The club is situated in a prime position on Club Row.
Imperial College Rifle and Pistol Club 
Contains information on the club, where we shoot, what we shoot as well as some useful information on how to shoot.
Isle Target Sports Club 
Isle Target Sports Club, located near Mepal, Ely Cambridgeshire. We have 25 & 50 metre ranges. An Air gunners range plus an area for Practical Shotgun and clay shooting. We also have facilities for Archery. A Guest day is open to all on the third Sunday of the month where members of the public can have a go at shooting a variety of firearms with a view to club membership at a later stage. We are a friendly club and welcome all.
Itchen Valley Shooting Club - Winchester 
Formed in 1971 The Itchen Valley Shooting Club is a Home Office Approved Club, offering all forms of target shooting in a well equipped indoor range in the centre of Winchester, Hampshire. The club offers a warm friendly atmosphere to both new and experienced shooters and has one of the most active memberships of any target shooting club in the South of England.
Jaguar Rifle Club, Coventry 
Coventry based small bore & full bore rifle club,
Joint Services Pistol Club 
We are a Gallery Rifle and Pistol club based at Colmsliehill Range near Galashiels in the Scottish Borders.
Killingholme fullbore shooting range in lincolnshire 
NRA and MLAGB affiliated fullbore club. open for membership. 11 shooting positions with fullbore rifle,.22 rifle, gallery rifle and muzzle loading pistols and rifles. A friendly and well run club. New members welcomed.
King's College School Old Boys' Rifle Club (KCSOBRC) 
The Rifle Club is able to offer to those unfamiliar with shooting sports a chance to try out various shooting disciplines including; Target rifle, Action rifle, Gallery rifle, shotgun and if you are really keen heritage firearms. If you are an experienced shooter and would like to come along to one of our shoots, we would be delighted to see you. The Club practises regularly and we also compete in National competitions. Our Club is based at the Surrey Rifle Association, which is a very people friendly establishment on Bisley Camp near Woking in Surrey.
Kings Lynn St Michaels Rifle and Pistol Club 
King's Lynn St Michaels Rifle & Pistol Club
Lands End Shooting Club 
Full details of the club, location, contact and fixtures
Langar Rifle Club, Nottinghamshire 
Langar Rifle Club is one of Nottinghamshires premier clubs and specialises in prone position smallbore and fullbore shooting.
Lee Enfield Rifle Association 
Leek Shooting Centre 
Official club website for Leek Shooting Centre
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Marksmen 
Llangollen Rifle & Pistol Club 
Home Page of the Llangollen Rifle & Pistol Club, giving a brief introduction about the Club, and what we have to offer to either a beginner or expert shooter by a small friendly club.
Lloyds TSB Rifle Club 
London Practical Shooting Club 
Practical shooting at Bisley and surrounding ranges including Practical Rifle, Gallery Rifle and Practical Shotgun
Louisa Centre Gun Club, Co. Durham 
Louisa Centre Gun Club, County Durham
Luton Rifle and Pistol Club 
Lydd Rifle Club 
Lydd Rifle Club is formed from a relatively small group of individuals from all walks of life and a broad spectrum of ages who share a common interest in the sport of shooting. Although primarily a full bore rifle club our members enjoy shooting a wide range of weapons including .22rimfire, Gallery rifle (under lever carbines), black powder pistol/rifle, and full bore rifle both sporting and target. We also have a healthy contingent of members dedicated to old military weapons from both World Wars. We shoot twice a month on Military Ranges at Hythe and Lydd with ranges varying from 25m to 900m. On occasions we arrange for a day at Bisley for any members who fancy a change of venue and between our shoots get together for a day at a local clay shoot for anyone who is interested. Whilst we take the sport seriously we also try to ensure that everybody has a good enjoyable day. Our aim is to promote to sport of shooting in all its various forms and encourage the safe handling and ownership of firearms by responsible citizens.
Maidstone Pistol and Rifle Club 
We are a small friendly club that shoots smallbore and fullbore rifles and blackpowder pistols.
Manydown Rifle Club 
Marlow Rifle & Pistol club 
MRPC is one of the longest established clubs in the South of England. We celebrate our centenary in 2007. We have our own heated and well ventilated 6 lane, 25 yard indoor range at the Court Garden Leisure Centre, Pound Lane, Marlow Bucks SL7 2AE
Marple Rifle and Pistol Club 
A fullbore, smallbore and airgun club with a 25 metre indoor range, shooting everything from .177 airgun to unlimited calibre blackpowder.
Mars and Minerva Rifle Club 
Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club 
Promoting the shooting sports in the heart of the City of London.
Mattersey Rifle & Pistol Club 
The website of Mattersey Rifle & Pistol Club
Merlin Archery Centre 
Loughborough, Leicestershire
Middlewick Range Association 

Middlewick Range Association is a sporting rifle club offering its members a safe and friendly environment to enjoy rifle shooting using the facilities offered by the military ranges at Middlewick and Fingringhoe near Colchester

Morecambe Rife and Pistol Club 
We shoot a wide range of disciplines including air guns, blackpowder, fullbore rifle, smallbore rifle and gallery rifle. We own two 25m ranges and have have access to Altcar ranges. For more information or to contact us please click here .
Newcastle University Student Rifle Club 
Website for Newcastle University Student Rifle Club. Information on our activities and events plus contact information.
Newport and District Air Rifle League 
Newport (IW) & District Rifle Club 
We are the Isle of Wight's premier target shooting club. We shoot a variety of disciplines from .22 rim fire through fullbore to black powder and shotgun. There is an array of silver and other trophies to be won every year. But if you're not the competitive type, you can just shoot for fun.
North East Lincolnshire Target Club 
Members shooting club based in Bradley, Grimsby, N E Lincolnshire. Our friendly, family oriented club offers indoor facilities for .22 rimfire rifle, pistol calibre rifle (eg .38, .357, 9mm), long barrelled pistols/revolvers. black powder pistols/revolvers, air pistols and air rifles. We also have a Long Range Rifle section which shoots fullbore rifle regularly at MoD Strensall York. Our club building has level access throughout with disabled toilets and our comfortable lounge is an ideal place to relax before and after shooting. For membership enquiries please email our Secretary, Steve Davidson, at:
North Humberside Rifle & Pistol Club 
North Humberside Rifle & Pistol Club is a family friendly members' club offering smallbore, fullbore, airgun, muzzleloading (cap & ball) shooting and indoor Archery. we have two indoor 25 metre ranges that have just been newly refurbished. We are based in Hull, East Yorkshire. We can be found on Facebook under North Humberside Rifle and Pistol Club. Tel: 07426 568657
North London Rifle Club 
The North is a friendly club for people who enjoy target shooting, particularly full-bore Target Rifle (TR) and Match Rifle (MR), F Class Open and TR. We offer supportive training for beginners, leading to NRA safety certification, and development programmes right through to international class. The North?s teams are winners! We have a thriving youth section, with members as young as 8.

Our beautiful and extensive clubhouse, with friendly full-time staff, is in a prime location adjacent to the shotgun facilities and Century Range. It offers dining facilities for up to 70 people, a bar including "smoothies" and bar meals and noted for its fine ales, a veranda and lounge for relaxing and enjoying good company, showers, a commodious gunroom, bedroom accommodation, and wi-fi broadband throughout.

For more information please contact:
The Secretary
North London Rifle Club
Club Row, Bisley, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, GU24 0NY


Or Email:

North Staffordshire Shooting 
Website for the North Staffs Shooting Club in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire.
North Wales Muzzle Loaders Association  
North Wales Muzzle Loaders Association has its 25yard and 100yard ranges at Moel Tryfan quarry,near Caernarfon in North Wales. The club supports several disciplines including antique and black powder, antique and military rifles from the past along with rim fire and modern firearms.The club holds clay pigeon shoots on the first Sunday of the month and has several guest days during the year.New members are always welcome.
Northampton Target Sports Club 
Northampton Target Sports Club (NTSC) is a Home Office approved Shooting Club for smallbore rifle, pistol calibre rifles & Muzzle Loading pistols located in Northamptonshire. We also shoot all forms of Air Pistols & Air Rifles.
Northern Ireland Target Sports Association 
NITSA is one of the largest Pistol and Rifle Clubs in the North of Ireland our two ranges are located 7 miles north of Newry Co. Down and within yards of the main Belfast to Dublin Road. We have around 250 members who use a five lane 25 metre range with covered firing points and a fifteen lane range for full-bore pistol and small-bore rifle. We welcome visitors from other clubs.
Northwood Rifle & Pistol Club  
Northwood Rifle & Pistol Club was founded in 1911 and is one of the longest established shooting clubs in Middlesex.
We are Home Office Approved and situated in the Northwood/Ruislip area. We have a 25m Outdoor range at which we shoot Air Pistol, .22 rifle and pistol calibre.38/.357 .44 and .45 Underlever rifle on Saturdays throughout the year.

The positions we shoot are standing, kneeling and sitting.

The Club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association and we shoot Fullbore Rifle regularly at Bisley at distances from 100yds to 1000yds.

We also participate in Shotgun shooting, sporting clays locally, and Target Shotgun at Bisley.

Deer hunting in the UK and game hunting in South Africa is also available for those who are BASC members and DSC1 qualified. We can provide the necessary training laid down by the Home Office to allow you to own and shoot your own rifles and instruction towards gaining a shooting competency certificate.

Norwesters is a Home Office approved club affiliated to the NRA. We shoot a variety of disciplines at Bisley throughout the year, usually on the third Sunday of each month, at ranges from 25 to 1,000 yards. If you are interested in membership, guest days, or any other aspect of the club, please visit our website:
Norwich & District Gun Club 
Home Office approved outdoor range that shoots 25 and 40 metres on alternate weeks. We cater for black powder, .22 and all pistol calibres. We also have access to full bore shooting on military ranges. See website for full details.
Norwich and District Parabellum and Full Bore Club 
The club has been in existence for over 40 years and currently has approximately 90 members.
We have our own range, which is at Surlingham, and we meet every Sunday, shooting from 11am until 1.30 pm.
The range has 10 lanes cleared for black powder, .22 rimfire and pistol calibres. We shoot at 25 yards and 40 yards on alternate weeks.
We also have the facility to shoot air pistols and air rifles, and have access to full bore shooting on military ranges in association with other clubs.

See website for full details.

Nottingham City Rifle Club 
Nottingham City Rifle Club is a friendly target rifle shooting club located in the city centre of Nottingham, UK. Located within a 5 minute walk of Nottingham City Centre we meet every Tuesday evening from 6.00pm to approx 9.00pm, shooting smallbore target rifles and other rifles. Some Members also shoot full bore target rifle at other ranges
Nottingham Royal Ordnance Rifle and Pistol Club 
We are a home office approved target shooting club and have to stick to strict rules set out by them. Our guest days are the first Monday of the month when visitors can attend by appointment and shoot firearms under the instruction of the members. Our main shooting activities are competition small-bore and full-bore rifle shooting, vintage service rifles, gallery rifles and black-powder firearms but we support virtually all the shooting disciplines.
Novio Magnum Pistol Club (Chichester) 
Novio Magnum Pistol Club Full-bore ranges are situated just outside of Chichester, with our indoor range near the town centre. We have good facilities at the club, with a 25m and 50m outdoor range and one 25m indoor range. The club participates in inter-club, county and national competitions as well as running internal competitions and fun shoots.
Offas Dyke Rifle Club 
Old Windsor Rifle and Pistol Club 
Old Epsomian Rifle CLub 
Old Sergeants Mess Shooting Club 
Oundle Rifle & Pistol Club 
Oundle Rifle & Pistol Club is a target shooting club in Oundle, Northamptonshire for FAC and non-FAC holders.
Paignton (Torbay) Rifle and Pistol Club 
The Club has three ranges available at any one time: 25 yards for prone rifle and benchrest. This has four firing points and the targets are changed electrically. 20 yards for sport rifle/air pistol. This range has four target holders fitted to a turning target mechanism. The length of time the target appears can be varied for rapid-fire events. 10 metre for air rifle/pistol. This range has four points with electric target changers and each target is individually lit to provide the best possible shooting conditions for this very demanding Olympic sport. Each range is fitted with a video camera for safety and security. The Club has two armouries for Club and members equipment. Lockers can be rented for a small annual fee.
Phoenix Shooters Association 

We are a small, family-friendly target shooting club serving the Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire & North-Wales Area.

We shoot on military ranges at Sealand, as well as local clay layouts.

Phoenix Shooting Club 
Pickering Rifle & Pistol Club 
Located in North Yorkshire close to the market town of Pickering & established in 1946, we shoot a range of disciplines including F-class/Target Rifle/ military/black powder & lever action. Shooting takes place every Sunday throughout the year on our own range at 100, 200 & 300 yards & Strensall military ranges up to 600 yards. This is a no frills, friendly club run by its members, for its members & offering a comfortable atmosphere amongst like minded individuals doing what we?re passionate about: shooting! Click on the link for further information.
Pinhoe Target Shooting Club 
Friendly club with indoor range at 25yds and outdoor ranges at 50yds, .22, air, LSR indoor with spacious clubroom and ample parking.
Police Sport UK Shooting Section 
Portsmouth City Rifle & Pistol Club 
Portsmouth City Rifle Club is one of the Districts oldest gun clubs established in 1907. We are located in southsea, Hampshire. We have two indoor ranges and several other facilities including Prone and Bench-rest. If you are a new shooter then we can support you with coaching. For the more experienced shooter there are matches and competitions to take part in. We are open to new members. Visit our website to learn how you can enjoy shooting sports at or club.
Preston & District Rifle and Pistol Club 

Preston & District Rifle and Pistol Club shoots on an indoor 25 metre range

We shoot 4 days a week plus once a month at Altcar MOD range at ranges of 200 to 1000 yards.

Airguns and small/full bore rifles are used with no need to own your own.

Pumas Rifle Club 
We are a Home Office approved club, affiliated to the NRA.

The object of the club is to encourage participation in fullbore target rifle events, within a team or as an individual, by providing a supportive environment.

Red Rose Rifle Club - North-West England 
Membership details on website. Club news,competitions,calendar,gallery and more. Located in the northwest of England.
Reeds Target Shooting Club 
Reepham Shooting Centre, near Lincoln 
Reepham Shooting Centre is a friendly shooting club near Lincoln
Roding Rifle & Pistol Club - West Essex 
Roding Rifle and Pistol Club. The Club's new website. The club incorporates the South East Essex Pistol and Rifle Club. The club also shoots at Bisley in many different disciplines - Target Rifle, Gallery Rifle, Long Barrel Pistol, Sporting rifle and muzzleloading pistol and rifle events. There is a club championship which incorporates all of these disciplines into an agregate competition. call Les Wood - 07778 379 655
Romsey Shooting Club 
The website of the Romsey Shooting Club.
Royal Air Force Target Rifle Club 
Royal Navy & Royal Marines Rifle Association 
Website detailing contact details, fixture lists and news relating to all aspects of shooting within the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and their Reserves.
Rustington and District Home Guard Rifle Club 
Fullbore and Blackpowder Club, shooting on our private 100yd outdoor range and regularly taking advantage of the facilities at Bisley.
Salisbury Vintage Rifle and Pistol Club 
Official web site of the Salisbury Vintage Rifle and Pistol Club
Salvo (Horsham) Rifle Club 

Salvo (Horsham) Rifle Club - a club for those interested in both .22 and full bore rifle. We shoot regularly at our indoor .22 range in Horsham, and we also visit the National Shooting Centre at Bisley to shoot full bore events. We are based at The Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 5PJ.

We number around 35 members including ladies, gents and juniors who participate regularly in two main disciplines: Prone rifle and Lightweight Sporting Rifle.

We welcome shooters of all ages (minors need to be accompanied), and will make our best efforts to accommodate shooters of all physical abilities.

Contact Salvo

Sedbergh Shooting Club 
Outdoor 25 metres range that caters for Fullbore, Muzzleloading, Small Bore Rifles, Carbines and B/P pistols, we encourage juniors to participate in the sport. We are located six miles east of Kendal, Cumbria.
Sheffield Rifle Club 
Sheffield Rifle Club is actively seeking new members. The club has been in existence since 1900 and members shoot full bore in competitions all over the country. Our "home" range is Thorpe Range in Derbyshire where we organise regular guest days throughout the shooting season.
Sidcup & District Rifle Club 
We are a friendly and safe club. We shoot at Bisley twice a month all through the year
Sigma Rifle & Pistol Club 
Single Shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Club of GB 

We are a small friendly club that enjoys shooting old style Black Powder cartridge rifles. We have a programmme of relaxed friendly competitions from March to November as well as shooting Long Range (900 and 1000 yards) throughout the year.

If you are interested, take a look at our website and contact us.

Solihull Rifle & Pistol Club 
Solihull Rifle and Pistol Club is a not for profit organisation, originating in 1944 as part of the Solihull Home Guard. We are dedicated to one of the most popular sports worldwide, which is included in the modern Olympic Games.
Somerset County Rifle Association (SCRA) 
The Somerset County Rifle Association is a Target Rifle Shooting Club utilising Langport (MoD) Range near High Ham in Somerset and a private range in Mid Devon. The normal distances we shoot at are 300/400, 500 and 600 yards. Occasionally we shoot at shorter distances and get out out muskets, revolvers, and canons! Occasionally we go to other ranges like Bisley and shoot out to 1000 yards... We shoot all "full bore" rifles and have three main classes: Target Rifle (TR) - Very accurate .308 Win/7.62 rifles with iron sights, jackets and slings Vintage - Mostly .303 Lee Enfields, but any war time/military weapons in old calibers with iron sights are allowed. F Class - Very accurate .308 Win/7.62 rifles with powerful telescopic sights and bi-pods.
South Hants Rifle and Pistol Club 
Located in Portsmouth, we have two indoor ranges for smallbore and pistol calibre shooting, and also shoot full bore rifle twice a month on a local MOD range.
South London Rifle Club 
South London RPC was founded in November 1874 at Nunhead in South London and completely moved to Bisley by 1923. Since its foundation South London RPC has encouraged target shooting with rifle and later with pistol. The club has helped many shooters to championship standard and today we are still involved with coaching new and existing shooters, and taking part in competitions. Our members take part in many of the competitions at Bisley as well as the competitions we organise for ourselves. Our members have the full use of our clubhouse at Bisley, which is located close to Fulton's Gunshop and close to the NRA Range Office. The clubhouse has a kitchen, sleeping accommodation and a gunroom for cleaning guns. Further information and details about joining the club may be obtained by sending an email using the link on our website.
South West Lancs Pistol club 
SWLPC provides a safe and comfortable environment for various target sports activites
Southend Rifle and Pistol Club 

Southend-on-Sea Rifle and Pistol Club

We have Full-bore, Gallery Rifle and Pistol and .22 target and air rifle/pistol sections. Please visit our web site at ""

St. George rifle & pistol club 
We are a rifle & pistol club based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Membership is open to anyone who can comply with requirements of the home office regulations
St Nicholas Rifle & Pistol Club 
Staffordshire Phoenix Rifle and Pistol Club 

Formed recently by a group of keen established shooters, the Staffordshire Phoenix Rifle and Pistol Club is a modern, progressive club that seeks to promote the sport of target shooting in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment.

The Staffordshire Phoenix Club proposes to provide morning and afternoon shoots on our military ranges at the weekends and, in the summer months, the occasional afternoon/evening shoot.

Additionally we are also arranging friendly competitions with other clubs on a reciprocal basis and excursions to other shooting venues with sporting shoots, tunnel ranges, intro to stalking and pigeon/clay pigeon shoots for those with the desire to shoot shotguns, and we are open to even more suggestions.

Stead Hall Rifle and Pistol Club 
We are a private shooting club in West Yorkshire offering excellent facilities for small and full bore rifles. The range has 2 underground firing positions with a shooting distance of 100 yards. Super clubhouse with just about all the facilities you could ask for!
Stevenage Rifle & Pistol Club 
Stock Exchange Rifle Club 

The Stock Exchange Rifle Club was founded in 1901 by Sir Robert W Inglis, then Chairman of the Stock Exchange. The main aim of the club was to teach full bore rifle shooting on an indoor .22 range in London.

In 2013 we opened our current indoor range at London Bridge, in the City of London. Here you can enjoy .22 rifle, rim fire and centre fire gallery rifle and air pistol and rifle disciplines. SERC also has a large full bore section whose home is still with the LMRA clubhouse at Bisley. We have members from all walks of life and all locations. If you follow the link to our web site you will be able to find the details as to how you can join the club.

Stourport-on-Severn Pistol & Rifle Club 
A Home Office Approved Club situated between Kidderminster and Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire.

We have a multi-purpose outdoor range with 38 covered firing points allowing members to shoot at distances of 20m, 25m,50m and 100 yards.
The club has strong and successful interests in a wide variety of disciplines and provides plenty of opportunity for recreational and competitive target shooting with gallery rifle and pistol, smallbore prone rifle, muzzle loading black powder arms, historic breech loading arms and air rifle.

New members are always welcome.

Surbiton Postal Rifle Club 
Founded in 1966. Surbiton Postal Rifle Club is based on the border of Kingston Upon Thames and Surbiton, Surrey. We are a Home Office approved target shooting club. Our club boasts many facilities. Including 3 indoor ranges, with over 24 heated and ventilated firing points. Disabled access is available througout the club. Training and coaching is available at all levels from beginner to expert. We have dedicated nights for youngsters, many of our Juniors have gone on to win international competitions! We offer many different disciplines of shooting using .22 rimfire rifle or pistol, pistol calibre rifles, air rifle and air pistol.
Surrey Rifle Association 
Founded in 1861 and established at Bisley in 1895 the Surrey Rifle Association operates successfully as both a County Rifle Association and a rifle club, and is one of four clubs at Bisley with full-time staff and "open" Membership.
Swadlincote Rifle & Pistol Club 
A multidiscipline club situated on a five acre site in South Derbyshire. Currently affiliated to NRA, NSRA, MLAGB, DRA, EMTSA. Disciplines include HV Centrefire Rifle, Gallery Rifle, .22 R/F and .17 R/F Rifle, Blackpowder Rifle, Muzzle Loading Pistol, Precision Air Rifle and Air Pistol, Sporting Air Rifle, Practical Shotgun and Practical Rifle, Archery. Recently renewed five outdoor range safety certificates to NRA style civilian certificates.
Swansea Rifle Club 
Tain Rifle and Pistol Club 
Tains shooting club was established in 1892. 105 years later it still provides an excellent club to be a member of. The new website will offer information on competitions, membership, club history etc.
Tamar Rangers Rifle Club 
Friendly multi-discipline club shooting in Devon and Cornwall. We shoot on a private range (25yds-100yds) and an MOD range on Bodmin Moor (100yds-600yds). New members always welcome.
Taunton Deane Shooting Association 
Taunton Deane Shooting Association (TDSA) is a Home Office Approved Club which offers members small bore, full bore, black powder and air gun shooting close to the centre of Taunton Somerset.
Tees Valley Target Sports 
Tees Valley Target Sports Club (previously known as Guisborough Gun Club) in its present form dates from 1963, our club members come from Teesside and its surrounding areas of North Yorkshire and County Durham. We have indoor and outdoor 25m range facilities for small bore rifle and use local military ranges for full bore rifle. Our members also shoot at Bisley. Clay shoots are held every month. We are currently developing an indoor facility on Teesside which will also provide excellent facilities for air rifle, air pistol, archery and soft air.
Teesside Rifle & Pistol Club 
Based in County Cleveland, we are a small friendly club of about 35 members from a wide range of backgrounds. We shoot small bore and full bore rifle & pistol shooting from 25 to 1,000 yards on an indoor range, at the Catterick ranges, and at Bisley. Athough we do run a few competitions, and one of our members is an international benchrest winner, we are not a competition-oriented club but rather we shoot for the simple pleasure of putting the bullet where we want it to go. We welcome applications for membership. Potential applicants are invited to attend a couple of shoots to see whether they like what they see before applying for membership. More information on the club website.
Teignbridge & District Full Bore Club 
A Gallery Rifle and Pistol shooting club in South Devon
Thames Valley Gun Club 
Thames Valley Gun Club is a small, friendly gun club which shoots both Rifle and Gallery Rifle / Pistol on the ranges at Bisley. For more information, please click on the link above and have a look around the website.
The Stock Exchange Rifle Club 
The 92 Association 
We are a small friendly Home Office Approved and NRA Affiliated Certified Training Club who usually shoot once a month at Bisley.

Our shooting competitions include: Full-bore rifle, gallery rifle and black powder revolver.

Existing members are drawn from the Home Counties and we welcome new members whether they be beginners or old hands. Our Club Secretary can be contacted by emailing for further information.

The Chesterfield and District Rifle and Pistol Club 
The Chesterfield and District Rifle and Pistol Club is located in Derbyshire close to junction 29 off the M1. Details of our clubs activities, history and our regular range days can all be found on our web site.
The Phoenix Shooters Association 
The Spent Cases Shooting Club 
Tidworth Rifle and Pistol Club 
The Club holds regular Fullbore Target, F-Class and Sporting Rifle shoots on local MOD Ranges.
Smallbore, Gallery Rifle and Black Powder shoots, including benchrest, precision and speed which are held on two local Ranges, one out to 100m and the other a 25m Barrack Range at Old Sarum.

Members also travel to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley to shoot practise and competitions, at the longer distances.

The Club permits the use of any firearm held on a member?s certificate, providing local Range regulations are adhered to. Some competitions however restrict the eligibility of the scoring. The Club holds Centrefire and rimfire rifles both target and sporting, for use by our members and holds a maintained stock of ammunition.

The club enjoys affiliation to the National Rifle Association and to the National Shooting Centre.

Torbay Fullbore Club 
Torbay Fullbore Club. Shooting in Devon.

Duchy Shooting is a friendly target shooting club which caters for varied disciplines of shooting we have a 100m live fire range where shooters can use rimfire, centrefire & muzzle loading rifles from a covered firing point.

We also cater for the airgun shooter with a dedicated 40 target field target course & covered firing point on the zero/plinking range.

Air pistol shooters have an indoor range & an outdoor iron plate action shooting range.

The clubhouse has tea & coffee available.

Shooters of all abilities are welcome as club members are always happy to help with advice.


United Kingdom Police Full Bore Target Rifle Club 
This club is for Police officers, serving and retired, and Police civilians, who have common interest in both target rifle and 'F' class shooting.
University of London Rifle Club 
The UK's premier university shooting club based in the heart of lively London. If you're interested in shooting and you go to the University of London, drop us a line.
Uppingham Veterans Rifle Club 
Uppingham Veterans' Rifle Club. The site includes past annual reports, and contact details for the club. Select the OU Section and then UVRC.
VAA Vintage Arms Association 

VAA was established in 1973 for the purpose of encouraging the collection, study and use of all vintage firearms, including muzzle and breech loaders, rifles, pistols, shotguns and airguns. The Association fosters an interest in, and use of, all vintage and modern firearms. VAA continues to promote shooting sports by means of a comprehensive calendar of shooting competitions for both vintage and modern firearms held throughout the year.

Please take the time to explore, and to see what the Association has to offer. You may not find in the website all the answers you need. In this event please visit the Contacts page.

Victoria (Prittlewell) Rifle Club 
Vintage Arms Scotland 
Vintage Arms Scotland is based in the Edinburgh area, but attracts shooters from across the central belt. Our main interest is historical shooting, both full bore rifle, gallery rifle and pistol, although of late we have broadened our membership to include the users of more modern weapons. We shoot on either Castlelaw or Blairadam ranges monthly during the summer and host a monthly shoot at Colmslihill range (Joint Services) throughout the year. We also host the Scottish Historical Championships in September at Castlelaw.
Wakefield Rifle and Pistol Club (WRPC) 
Warrington & District Rifle and Pistol Club 
Warwickshire Armours Rifle & Pistol Club 
We are a friendly, active club shooting 3 to 4 times a month, mainly on MoD ranges. Kingsbury and Whittington in Staffordshire and Sennybridge in Powys. Our club members shoot a variety of firearms including Black Powder rifle and pistol, WW1 firearms, small-bore and full-bore rifle and have access to ranges with distances from 25m to 600m and out to, in excess of 1500m at Sennybridge. We welcome new and experienced shooters. If you are new to the sport, we will give you all the training and advice that you will require to complete our Probationary Shooter Training Scheme and go on to obtain you Firearms Licence.
Watford OCA 
The Watford and District and Watford OCA rifle club
Waveney Shooting Club 
Waveney Shooting Club has been in existence for over 30 years. Following the tragic Dunblane massacre, the club went through a period of stagnation, but emerged about 5 years ago, largely due to a vibrant and energetic air weapons section. The Club Holds Home Office approval and is curently affiliated to the N.R.A. and to the Suffolk County Rifle Association including the Pistol Section.

The membership currently consists of around 28 firearms members and over 70 air weapons members and its mission is to attract more junior shooters to the sport.

Waverley District Rifle Club 
We are a small Home Office approved full-bore rifle club based at Bisley, run as a non profit organisation, with the objective of making shooting affordable and sociable. We are open to all to join the sport and can provide a full NRA approved training program along with the use of the club rifles and other shooting equipment.
Through the clubs affiliation with the Old Sergeants Mess Clubhouse, you can relaxed after a days shooting in a friendly atmosphere with your fellow members. For more information and to contact us, please visit our Website.
Welwyn Phoenix Rifle Club 
Club details including contacts, shooting calendar, affiliations.
West Atholl Rifle Club 
West Atholl Rifle Club meets at its Jubilee Range, Glen Tilt, Perthshire. It is a Fullbore target shooting club which caters for those shooting TR under national rules at distances from 300 to 1000 yards. The Club also caters for the disciplines of F Class and TR/F. The longest civilian range in the World using electronic targets.
West of Edinburgh Shooting Club  
Friendly Edinburgh based club, shooting smallbore, fullbore and shotgun. Fullbore at approved ranges; indoor heated range for smallbore. We have our own clay pigeon shoot situated just outside Edinburgh. New members welcome.
West Suffolk Rifle Club 
Wey Valley Rifle & Pistol Club 
Weybridge Rifle and Pistol Club 
Wickham and District Rifle Club 
Wickham and District Rifle Club membership is open to all, regardless of age, gender or ability. We do Target shooting at an indoor range based at the Wickham Community Centre on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. Wickham and District Rifle Club's was originally formed in 1905 but was suspended during the First World War, the present club format was started in 1944. The original purpose of the club was to provide the Home Guard with a place to practice their shooting. The club has evolved from the occasional practice night to running two compeition teams in the Portsmouth and District Small Bore league and a successful Saturday morning Air Rifle section which attracts a wide variety of participants, young and old (minimum age is 10)
Woodstock Rifle and Pistol Club 
Worcester Norton Shooting Club 
Worecster Norton Shooting Club est 1982 Facilities available for Air / Small & Full Bore / Black Powder Pistol & Rifle /Practical Shotgun & Clays
NRA Trade Members
BAPTY (2000) LTD 

BAPTY (2000) Ltd provide weapons and associated props for film, television and theatre productions.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 0208 574 7700.

Bench Grade Brands Ltd 

Distributors of leading firearms, training and ammunition including the world's shortest and most compact sniper weapon systems from Desert Tactical Arms.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01604 686800.

Dolphin Gun Company 

Dolphin produce custom rifles for all Long Range Disciplines.

We manufacture our own range of products and accessories.

Dolphin is the largest stockists of rifle components in Europe and lead times are extremely short for custom rifle builds.

We have World, European and National Champion F-Class shooters using our rifles.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01507 343898 or 0774 7771962

Edgar Brothers 

Largest UK importer, distributor and wholesaler of firearms, shotguns, ammunition, propellants, components, optics, mounts, knives, torches, clothing and other shooting accessories from over 90 suppliers and with over 65 years experience in the shooting industry. Trade only supplied at Macclesfield, but please contact us for catalogues, other enquiries, advice and the address of your nearest stockist.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01625 613177

G.E. Fulton & Son 

G.E. Fulton & Son has been established at Bisley since 1890.

The shop is open 7 days a week throughout the year to meet the needs of shooters calling or on camp.

We stock a full range of target rifles, air rifles and pistols and all accessories.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01483 473 204

Holland & Holland 

Holland & Holland guns are celebrated throughout the world as the perfect combination of artistry and craftsmanship. Founded in 1835, the company combines all the wonders of modern component-making technology, with the same care and craftsmanship in the gun-making and finishing operations that inspired in all their craftsmen all those years ago. With its very own Shooting Grounds offering unrivalled facilities for the sporting gun, set in sixty acres of rolling woodland and open countryside, just 17 miles from Central London. Holland & Holland also offers an exclusive line of clothing and accessories.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 0207 499 4411

HPS Target Rifles Ltd 

HPS is Britain's premiere target rifle supplies company. Commercial manufacturer and supplier of a vast range of top quality Target Master Ammunition, from new to once fired to reloading free issue cases, HPS offer a bespoke ammunition service for both target shooting and hunting.

Manufacturing their own aluminium ("The HPS Convertible") and wooden target rifle stocks, HPS can build you a custom rifle to suit your specification. From ammunition, target rifles, range equipment and accessories, HPS provides the target shooter a variety of products and services and should be your first stop for all your shooting needs.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01531 822 641, or fax 01531 828 741.
We are only a short drive from J3 off the M50. Call first, but do come by and see us!

J H Steward (Bisley) Opticians 

Opticians specialising in vision aspects for all shooting disciplines.
We supply ZEISS - Sports for clay, game, F class. We also supply CHAMPION shooting glasses for target rifle and pistol. Rear sight lenses supplied.
Advice given on prescription, tints, eye dominance problems and eye safety.
Telephone J.H.Steward(Bisley) Opticians on 01275-838532 Fax 01275 835075
or Click here to email us.


QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers essential to sovereign capability. The technical expertise and domain know-how of our people are our principal sources of competitive advantage and are well matched to the emerging themes in our markets. By leveraging our distinctive facilities and integrating our core capabilities, we play a critical role in helping customers meet current and future challenges.

QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers essential to sovereign capability. The technical expertise and domain know-how of our people are our principal sources of competitive advantage and are well matched to the emerging themes in our markets. By leveraging our distinctive facilities and integrating our core capabilities, we play a critical role in helping customers meet current and future challenges.

Contact us: 01252 392 000

Rangemaster Precision Arms 

Providing a large selection of quality target, tactical and hunting rifles, RPA actions, RPA triggers, RPA sights, and accessories.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 0845 880 3222 is home to the UK's biggest range of rifle magazines. With hundreds of magazine types in stock and free UK delivery as standard.

Nottingham target shooters Dom & Beverley who run believe in sensible prices and friendly "down the range" service, helping UK shooters keep their rifles well fed since 2010. If ever you have any questions about magazines they are always happy to help.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 0845 544 2075

Shooting Services 
International standard target rifles and match rifles.
Rebarrelling and bedding. Barrels kept in stock including Border and Krieger. Actively researching - and shooting - all calibres from 5.56mm to 50BMG. Manufacturers of the famous AGR COBRA precision rearsight.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01252 816188 or 07721 660202.

Sporting Services 

Worldwide commercial distributor for Accuracy International precision rifles.

Sales of AI rifles have soared as their reputation for reliability and precision has increased in the shooting world.
Also supply a wide range of accessories and ammunition geared to precision shooting and ballistic testing.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01342 716427

Sykes Global Services 

McQueen Targets produces almost 20 million targets a year, distributing to over 30 countries. We have supplied targets to the British armed services, Police constabularies and National Shooting organisations for over 100 years.

We also supply a range of items to cover all your shooting needs including spotting discs, patches and danger flags for ranges.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01896 664269

Viking Arms 

Viking Arms distributes leading brand names in Firearms, Ammunition and shooting accessories. Our products must offer quality, value and innovation. Sourced from the industries leading manufacturers they are all backed by the Viking Warranty, customer service and fifty years of industry experience.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on 01423 780810

William Evans  

William Evans at Bisley Camp is the first reference point for shooting sportsmen and women. We provide everything from firearms and ammunition, hearing protection, to shooting socks. Our gun room racks contain traditional game shotguns and rifles, clay-shooting guns and tactical sporting firearms for our target shooting customers.

Click here to contact us by email, or phone us on +44 (0)1483 486500

Overseas Clubs / Teams
Arquebusiers du pays d 

French black powder shooting club

British Alpine Rifles 
The British Alpine Rifles provides an opportunity for British citizens to shoot pistols and self-loading rifles competitively in Switzerland.
British Columbia Rifle Association 
Clube de Tiro Desportivo de Carreco 
Colorado Rifle Club 
Coppens Shooting Club Belgium 
Darwin Rifle Club Inc 
Situated in the Micket Creek Shooting Complex,Darwin NT, Australia, the Darwin Rifle Club Inc, is a 1000m, thirty target range,(with an 1100m mound on C Block only), which is close to modern international facilities.
New South Wales Rifle Association 
Ontario Rifle Association 
Queensland Rifle Association 
Stawell Rifle Club, Australia 
Sydney High School 
Victorian Rifle Association (Australia) 
Website of the Victorian Rifle Associaion (Australia). Bendigo Range is the venue for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
Western Australia Rifle Association Goodwill Tour 
Police Firearms Departments
Metropolitan Police - N/E Firearms Enquiry Team 
Northants Police Firearms Licensing 
Northants Police Firearms department
Staffordshire Police 
Staffordshire Police Firearms Admin Unit
Other Shooting Sites
Air Pistol 
Information and tips on precision air pistol target shooting
Anston Field Target and Hunter Field Target (HFT) club 
Anston field target club is a friendly airgun club situated in Renishaw between Chesterfield and Sheffield. We cater for all forms of air rifle and air pistol shooting, but specialise in Hunter Field Target (UKAHFT affiliated) and Field Target (BFTA Affiliated). For HFT hints and tips follow the HFT Novice to Ninja series of articles
Artists Rifles Clubhouse 
Bedford Rifle Club 
Bedford Rifle club provides some of the best independent .22 rifle target shooting facilities in the country. We have both indoor and outdoor ranges, along with a purpose built air weapons range. New members always welcome. Club equipment is available for use in all disciplines.
Bisley Shooting Ground 
Bookham Rifle Club 
Small bore shooting: target rifle to 100yds, sporting rifle, air pistol and rifle. See website for details
Chester City Rifle and Pistol Club 
Chester City Rifle and Pistol Club founded in 1943 for Home Guard units in Chester is a Small-bore Shooting Club that provides range facilities up to 25m. The club caters for Small-Bore Rifle, Black Powder Pistol, Air Rifle and Pistol. The club is located near to Chester Castle.
Darlington RA Smallbore & Field Target Club 
Prone SmallBore 100yds/mtrs 50yds/mtrs 25 yds indoors and 10mtr Pistol also includes a Field Target Club for Air Rifles
Deer Stalking Scotland 
An online guide to deer stalking (hunting) in Scotland, including a list of estates offering deer stalking.
Manchester Clay Shooting Club 
We are a clay shooting club located just 20 minutes from Manchester city centre. Situated in picturesque woodland, we have superb facilities ideal for beginners to expert shooters.
Muzzle Energy Calculator 
Online Shooting Videos and tutorials 
Your ultimate online video based shooting website with DVD video tutorials, tons of shooting footage, reviews, patented inventions, guns, dog training, decoying, and more.
Redditch & District Air Rifle League 
The site bring news of the League including match results and gallery. There are contacts for anyone who wants to find out more about air rifle shooting in the Redditch area
Scunthorpe and District Airgun Club 

Scunthorpe & District Airgun Club is a small shooting club that is based at the Grange Farm Hobbies Centre in Scunthorpe and shoots both air rifles and air pistols for pleasure or competition.

New members are welcome.

To find out more please visit our website.

Springview Ranges Rifle and Practical Shotgun Club 

Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire based Rimfire, Air Rifle and Practical Shotgun Club

Stafford Post Office Pistol and Rifle Club 
Stafford Post Office Rifle & Pistol Club was started in 1956 and has flourished ever since despite the numerous bans and restrictions. We have our own dedicated and purpose built range which is open to members on weekdays. We cater for people interested in the discipline of target shooting, an Olympic and International sport.
Thurnscoe Rifle Club 
TRC is based between Doncaster and Barnsley, It is a outdoor range with covered 100 and 50yd firing points.
Twickenham Rifle & Pistol Club 
The Homepage for The Twickenham Rifle & Pistol Club. A place to shoot, train and compete in the Olympic sports of target air pistol, target air rifle and .22 small bore target rifle.
Wessex Biathlon & Nordic Ski Club 
Website of the Wessex Biathlon & Nordic Ski Club. The aims of the club are to develop the sport of biathlon in both the summer and winter formats and hence introduce people to cross-country skiing (through roller skiing) and target rifle shooting, eventually combining the two disciplines to create biathletes. is a thriving UK based online shooting forum for all disciplines and welcomes new members to discuss all aspects of shooting and reloading at all distances.
Fieldsports, The Shooting and Fishing Quarterly 
Fieldsports Magazine is a luscious 164 page quarterly catering for the game Shot who also enjoys a spot of fishing. Packed with great writers, fabulous photography and sporting art, it?s an irresistible package. Anyone who enjoys the country life will love it.
Fundamentals of Ballistics 
An electronic book with the fundamentals of ballistics. Topics are : internal ballistics, firearms, propellants, external ballistics, projectile trajectory, projectile stability, guided missiles, fire control, terminal ballistics, wound ballistics, fire dispersion, threat and protection, shaped charges, ...
Shooting Times Magazine 
The website for Britain's oldest and best selling weekly shooting title, offering uptodate shooting news and covering all disciplines of shooting including game, rough and stalking.
The Field Magazine 
News Items
Personal Websites
David Minshall's Historic Arms Web Site 
Prone and Long Range Rifle Shooting book  
I have finally finished my book on prone and long range rifle shooting. The book covers topics such as: the prone position, shooting fundamentals, adjusting the rifle, shooting accessories, eye factors, physical and mental training, relaxation, goal setting, wind, travel, International competitions, teams, etc. The cost of the book is $34.95 plus shipping. The book may be purchased at If you have any questions you may contact me through the website or at my e-mail Nancy Tompkins
Rifles in the UK 
Only recently created and always evolving, this new site aims to give a general introduction to the sport of rifle shooting in the UK.
Other Trade Sites
10 Tech Shooting ltd 
Supplier of Target Shooting Equipment in Southern England.
A Chitty Locksmiths ( Woking Surrey) 
A Chitty Locksmiths offer 15% discount to the National Shooting Centre Bisley. We offer the service of Locks and Gun Cabinets being supplied and fitted. Cabinets opened, new keys cut, delivery service for key cutting.Call Adrian on 01483 488322 or mobile 07769680624. 24 hour service no call out fee.
Airgun State 
Bricks and mortar shop in Leicestershire, as well as online sales.
Airguns Online 
Complete Airgun, Air Rifle, Air Pistol and accessories store making it easy to shop from hundreds of products online.
Bedford Target Supplies 
Supplies of target rifle shooting equipment.
Bisley Art 
Paintings of Bisley - original watercolours and pen and ink drawings. Commissions accepted.
Castle Gunmakers, Northumberland 

Castle Gunmakers is based in Norham, north Northumberland, and carries out all types of shotgun and rifle repairs, comprehensive gun servicing as well as new, used and bespoke shotgun and rifle sales

Chalk Targets for smallbore and air riifles 
Family run business manufacturing Chalk Targets for competition/recreational use.
Classic Gun Company 
Specialist in Historic Arms and accessories: Section 5 (full-auto, CF SL, pistols, disguised firearms): valuations for Probate and Insurance: specialist services.
Custom wooden rifle cases 
Custom wooden rifle cases made from "All American woods" Oak, Cherry and Black Walnut. Custom one-of-kind wooden display cases made one-at-a-time.
Doveridge Clay Sports 
Doveridge Clay Sports are a corporate leisure facility in Derbyshire. Offering expert clay shooting facilities Doveridge is ideal for shooters of all skill level and our own shotgun academy helps complete beginners to learn the necessary skills to safely operate shotguns and rifles.
Ear Defenders For Kids 
Ear protection for kids, Girls & Boys, Pink & Blue ear muffs
Enhanced Listening. 
A website dedicated to hearing protection. A special section exclusively for the shooting enthusiast. Custom Fit, active or passive protection a wide choice available.
G.E. Fulton 
Site for G.E. Fulton gunsmiths and retailers.
Gun Cabinets 
Winterfield Safes offer a large range of quality gun safes and cabinets, from premium brands at competitive prices.

Are you looking for the best gun safe? There are a lot of these available, but I have done a thorough research and come up with a list of the top ten your money can buy. To further help you decide, I offer a comprehensive review of each one so you will have a simpler time finding the one to fit your needs. I also have tips for buyers, so if you want to look around, you will know what features matter.

McAvoy Guns, Standish, Wigan 
UK retailer of guns & shooting related equipment. Over 1000 guns in stock. Mail order & export services. Family run business established since 1984. Very friendly service.
Precision Shooting Limited 
Precision Shooting Limited has been established to offer to the shooting sports community premium grade optics at great prices, combined with excellent customer service. We are committed to trading on a fair value basis with our customers, evidenced by our free shipping and "beat by ten" price guarantee. We are an Authorised Main Dealer for Leupold and Burris and as such, all products sold by Precision Shooting Limited are fully licensed for the retail trade outside of the USA and carry full manufacturers warranties. As participants in many aspects of shooting ourselves we are well placed to understand the needs of our customers. We specialise in Rifle Scopes, Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. Call us now on 08450 - SCOPES.
Safety and Protection Equipment Ltd 
Supplier of equipment to the professional end of the outdoor market such as Media & Security, Charities & NGO'S as well as Schools and Youth groups. Our aim is to deliver client satisfaction through offering an exemplary advisory service, providing fast and efficient supply of equipment once we have assessed our client requirements. Email: or Contact Tel: +44 (0) 207 610 0700
Shooting earplugs and ear defenders 
Supplies a wide range of shooting earplugs and ear defenders.
Tarian marks chalk target and accessory manufacturers Est 1990. 
Manufacturers of premium quality air gun and small bore chalk targets that explode on impact. Established 1990.
The Gun Cupboard 
A rural outlet supplying a quality selection of clothing and accessories for all country pursuits
The Sporting Store 
The Sporting Store Ltd are a clay and field shooting accessories specialist based in the south east. We sell a vast range of products from cartridge bags and belts, shooting vests, jackets, fleeces and shirts. With brands such as Beretta, Bisley, Rocky Mountain and Jack Pyke you know you can be assured of top qulity products ar affordable prices. We ship all over the world so either check out the website or call us on 01323 417068
Upgrade your static caravan with Ian James Caravans 
Having supplied used static caravans sales and mobile home sales to trade and retail customers since 1988, Ian James offers a range of leading brands to members of the National Shooting Centre at Bisley. With over 50 caravans in stock at our Somerset showground, you are sure to find a caravan to suit your needs. Call us on 01278 780 565 or visit now.
Warner Tool Company 
At Warner Tool, we specialize in catering to the needs of the long range shooter. We are proud to produce the finest rear sights money can buy. We offer complete Palma, LR, F-open and F-TR rifles, sizing dies all second to none.
Other Sites of Interest
Accomodations Vokes Range Chilliwack BC CANADA 
We are located 5 minutes from Vokes Range. We have 52 rooms, some of which are larger suites. We would be happy to be of service to you when you visit Chilliwack.
Army Of Angels Forces Charity 
The Army of Angels is a non-profit-making charity which strives to support members of the UKs armed forces who have been injured, physically or mentally, while serving their country in conflicts around the world. The charity also attempts to aid dependants of those Army, Navy and Airforce personnel who find themselves in need.
Bisley Badinage 
Bisley Badinage. A gentle stroll through the World's Most Famous Shooting Complex.
Bisley Barbette 
A collection of all things Bisley Camp.
Chapman Bags  
British design and manufacturer of high quality leather and canvas bags for your guns and accessories.
Dragon Fireworks 
Dragon Fireworks has devoted its time and experience to creating displays that are beyond the normal and are truly incredible. We pride ourselves on working with you to create a truly unique experience for you and your audience.
East Anglian Game Fair 
Holiday Inn Woking 
Just 5 miles from Bisley's NSC and located in Woking town centre, the Holiday Inn Woking offers comfortable, quality accommodation of international standard. The 160 ensuite airconditioned bedrooms are equipped with satellite tv, pay movies, broadband internet access as well as tea/coffee making facilities. HuGos, the hotel's bistro-style restaurant serves buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with bar snacks and room service providing all day dining in the hotel's other areas. For the planned or impromptu meeting both the hotel's spacious 7th floor meeting rooms and lounge areas have wi-fi access. There is complimentary on-site parking with Woking's Station just 4 minutes walk away providing a 20 minute train service to London-Waterloo.
Pendleton Royal 
Pendleton Royal - Manufacturer of Gun Cleaning Kits, Accessories, & Cleaning Equipment for Shotguns, Hand Guns and Rifles.
Shooting Log Book for 10M Air Rifle Discipline (Android App) 

Shooting Score is a simple and beautiful android app to log and analyze your shooting performance. It is a very useful training aid for your daily shooting sessions and we encourage all shooters to try it out.

Learn more about the app here:

Information on Britain 
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